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As the earliest and the most professional LED street lamps manufacturer and exporter in china, electricity valley, invested by Baoding China Power Valley, we are mainly specialized in LED street lights,led garden lights, led tunnel light, led tube and led bulb etc led outdoor lights indoor lights.


Our LED street lamps can work with wide range voltage from 110VAC to 270VAC. Also they can be powered with the optional solar panel kit. The LED color spectrum contains different scope,no ultraviolet light, infrared rays, heat or radiation produced. They are totally "green" lighting source.


Our LED street lamps framework is made of aluminum-alloy after die-casting, which is great helpful for cooling. The lens or reflector of the LED street lamps is made of high quality transparent polycarbonate, with the advantage of highly lucent, dust-proof, and waterproof. Our LED street lamps uses the best power supply whose power factor is more than 0.95. For sure,For sure,our LED outdoor lights is safe, reliable, and has low energy-consumption and a long working- life span.


LED street lamps are especially suitable to be used in public places such as open squares, streets, roads, path, highway etc. As a professional LED street lights manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, Our LED street lamps is designed and produced by independently. We welcome more and more friend to customize our LED street lights, LED garden lights etc LED outdoor lights products.


1. LED Street Lights
2. LED Garden Lights

3. Solar LED Street Light Project

4. Solar LED Garden Lights Project

5. LED Tunnel Light

6. LED Tube
7. LED Bulb

Main advantages of  LED street light :

-Immediate lighting without pre-heating
-Cool white light without flickering
-Over 10 year LED lamp life
-Long Life PV modules with 20 year production capacity
-High efficiency PV modules offer reduced weight and space
-LED lamps retain luminosity for their full life span
-In case of a single LED breakdown all other LED modules continue to work
-LED lamps are no toxic
-Low installation costs without trenches and cables
-All components are light-weight
-Exceptional return on investment
-Substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. LED offers up to eight times more brightness than incandescent lamps without emissions harmful to the environment.

For more information on the properties of LED street light, you can look at the relevant sections of our site.

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